Batman: Arkham Origins:
A small project

These were a ton of fun to make. Maybe not the most important project in the world, but I love Batman, had some cool assets from the game, and was asked to make something awesome. So I did. There are a lot more size variations than these, but you get the point.

Awesomeness of project95%
Quality of Assets100%

Design Challenges

  • Use some assets provided to make shit tons of banners of all different sizes
  • Continue the art direction from the more rectangular banners to the short stumpy ones.
  • Ensure the designs were “badass”


  • Have a ton of fun using some cool photoshop techniques
  • Mix up a Manhatten and go through the tedious work of translating the designs to all the banner sizes.
  • Make something that I thought was cool.
Batman: Arkham Origins Banners
Batman Arkham Origins Banners

Agency: Radiator    Creative Director / Designer: Brian Metros