USA Baseball:
America’s favorite pastime.

USA Baseball is the governing body of the US Olympic team, and just about all other baseball, from youth baseball on up. If it’s not the MLB, chance is it’s USA Baseball.

Design Challenge 90%
Project Awesomeness100%

Design Challenges

  • Refine the USA Baseball visuals to reflect a more current and active aesthetic.
  • Re-Platform to the Shopify system
  • Design a responsive and stunning shopping site that speaks to a wide range of audiences. From kids playing baseball, their familes that support them, as well as fans of the Olympic team.


  • Strong immersive photography treatments give a strong impact and lasting first impression to the brand.
  • Angled content separations build movement in the layout and build an atmosphere of action
  • High quality product photography allows all the fine details of the products to shine through.
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USA Baseball uses Shopify to manage their online sales and many other aspects of their content.

responsive design

This site is fully responsive. Go ahead, try it on your phone, desktop or whatever. It will still look awesome.


Agency: Radiator      Creative Direction / Design: Brian Metros