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In subscription businesses 80% of future revenue comes from your existing customers, which is why retaining customers is as important as acquiring them. In order to do that, you have to proactively invest in their success.

User Experience Challenges100%
Timeline Challenges100%

Design Challenges

  • Content was horribly organized and across multiple subdomains.
  • Setting a design aesthetic that spoke to the end user, current users, and the Chief Marketing Officer was a challenge.
  • Maintaining transparency through the design process and recognizing scope and feature creep as it arose.


  • A complete re-haul of their Word Press system on to a nice new clean plate.
  • Careful client to team management and discussions allowed us to find design and content solutions that met all the requirements and looked awesome.
  • Setting aside some availability to carefully talk about the initial scope and how we can add in new features in a phased launch approach.
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Totango sits on WordPress, but uses some other plugins for added functionality.

responsive design

Totango is a fully responsive website and looks just as beautiful on an iPhone as it does a desktop, tablet or any other device.


Agency: Radiator    Creative Director / Designer: Brian Metros