Live for the night!

Created by owners Steven “Smash” Gordon and Geoff “Jellz” Shames, NGHTBRND represents the love of all things related to night culture. The line is inspired by elements of trap, hip-hop, bass music, graffiti, drinking, smoking and other things done best when the streetlights shine.

Awesomeness of project95%
Quality of Assets100%

Design Challenges

  • Extend a strong brand presence on a limited budget and timeline.
  • Develop a navigation and color pattern that speaks to a young and lively audience.
  • Design for the Shopify platform for order management and other business tasks.


  • Big and beautiful use of photography builds a strong atmosphere
  • Easy to use search and navigation makes getting around the site simple as can be.
  • Implement the designs on Shopify while connecting apps such as MailChimp for email marketing and ShipStation for warehouse management.
NGHTBRND Navigation
NGHTBRND Product Page

NGHTBRND uses Shopify for orders, managing inventory, and many other tasks

responsive design

NGHTBRND is a fully responsive website and looks just as beautiful on an iPhone as it does a desktop, tablet or any other device.


Agency: Radiator    Creative Director / Designer: Brian Metros