It’s armor you wear to swim with f-ing sharks.

Founded in San Diego in 1978, The Neptunic Sharksuit is known around the world as being instrumental in the advancement of shark interaction for research, film, and most recently, eco-tourism.

Desire to swim with sharks100%
Willingness to get bit like once85%

Project Challenges

  • Craft an experience that showed the history and intrigue of the Shark Suits, while focusing shopping on Neptunic branded apparel.
  • Showcasing large amazing imagery while maintaing content legibility
  • Develop an email campaign to reach out to new shoppers as well as strengthen current customers.


  • Robust history and About Us sections are covered in high resolution awesome images. Unique typography with large pull-quotes makes digesting the content a breeze.
  • The shopping experience is focuses and direct. Awesome product photos stand out on a distractionless background.
  • We hooked up MailChimp, made a few templates, and emails are now consistent and awesome.
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Neptunic Sharksuit

Neptunic uses Shopify for orders, site content and lots of other stuff.

responsive design

Neptunic is fully responsive. Go on, check it out on your phone.


Agency: Radiator      Creative Director / Design: Brian Metros