Craftsman Torque 
An FWA Mobile App of the day

Craftsman is the name when it comes to DIY’ing that shed your wife is nagging you to build, that treehouse your kid wants, but also all the awesome tools you get to use while building those things. Craftsman Torque is a fully shoppable iPad magazine dedicated to men who know how to get shit done.

Design Challenges90%
Love of working with Tools100%

Project Challenges

  • Design a vibrant and rich iPad experience
  • Develop a unified creative direction while keeping sections of the magazine distinct.
  • Create some motion graphics pieces to give the experience a huge impact
  • Ensure all images, videos, and assets were optimized for quick downloads.


  • Great collaboration of the team at Fluid and the team at Craftsman made a great working environment that inspired innovation.
  • Strong static graphics paired with subtle motion graphics create a fully immersive and interesting experience.
  • A user experience designed along side the visual design melds the content areas of the app with the shopping areas seamlessly.
FWA Craftsman Torque

Date: 2012     Agency: Fluid     Creative Director: Mike Janiak     Art Direction & Design: Brian Metros