A project where creativity and technology met.

Alumier is a medical line of advanced skin care products that are personalized just for you and your unique skin type.

Design Challenges 90%
Technology Challenges100%

Project Challenges

  • Pairing medical and clinical information in a way that is professional, yet approachable to a wide range of audience.
  • Creating a unique and branded experience that maintains a tone of luxury and feminine appeal.
  • Communicate the benefits and value of a personalized skin care system.


  • Handwritten typographic elements create a welcoming tone while boldly promoting headlines and top level content.
  • Asymmetrical design elements break the traditional bounds and build a unique and unified, identifiable experience.
  • A flexible and strong grid system allows a seamless browsing user experience. We can show lots of content and specs in a nice and orderly manner that makes sense.
  • Full screen video tutorials on the Product page allow people to easily learn techniques and tips.

Design Direction 1

Elegant, feminine, delicate.


Design Direction 2

Bold, bright, making a statement.

Alumier Direction 2 Homepage
Alumier Direction 2 Product Page

Agency: Radiator      Creative Direction and Design: Brian Metros